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Innovation is literally hardwired into humans.

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Human DNA has evolved over time and helps produce generations stronger than the previous ones, slowly adapting to the environment around it. Our immune systems develop anti-bodies to protect us from viruses and diseases. Yet, our brain is ten thousand years old and still…

What can we learn from a story of short-sighted leadership?

An early example of short-sighted leadership is when gray wolves were exterminated from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, as they were predators and caused trouble for nearby ranchers’ herds. By 1926, gray wolves were completely eradicated. The removal directly caused an…

How did the Afghan Civil War shape business leadership today?

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The United States Army and its leaders were troubled: in 1987, the Cold War imploded in Afghanistan into a theater of disillusionment. Fueled by the opposing USSR’s desire to conquer the Afghan nation and spread communism, Afghanistan was figuratively torn…

How do Leaders address the Earth on fire?

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Which should we cover first, the good news or the bad news?
The good news: the future is bright. The bad news: the present is not. Between human and civil rights issues, recovering from a pandemic, and a deteriorating planet, the clock looks…

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With digitization and the resultant Fourth Industrial Revolution merging physical, digital, and biological worlds, dozens of exponential technologies have emerged and accelerated to center stage. The power of thinking big is here. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) combined with other exponential technologies — like the internet of things (IoT), 3D…

As leaders seek to leverage technology, they must start to become aware of the impact on other parts of the ecosystem. This leads to introducing a new rule in leadership:

The Golden, Platinum, and Rhodium Rule

The Rhodium Rule:

“Think about the entire ecosystem.”

Dating back to before biblical times, the Golden Rule was a moral…

As things move fast, we need to make decision at light speeed and they need to be the right decisions.

Exponential Theory states that when leaders focus on solving big problems, they become more conscious. Exponential Theory: The Power of Thinking Big examines a variety of companies that are seeking…

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