Launching Disruption

How Entrepreneurs will save the world!

Entrepreneurs are already saving our world.

Disruption is happening everywhere to everything. Innovation is sparking transformation of every industry and every job function. The vast majority of friction is being eliminated by innovative Entrepreneurs, Apps, Services and Products focusing on nearly every issues that plagues our daily lives. Entrepreneurs have already disrupted old and non-efficient models, such as Newspapers, TV, Radio, Video Rental, Photo Finishing, Travel Agents, Cable Companies and even the Web is being disrupted, spelled out in an article, “Web is Dead” in Wired Magazine. Computers not only made there way to every home as Bill Gates proclaimed in 1976, now to every pocket and soon to every product, creating trackable and smart materials that plugin to share information connectivity anything you can imagine.

Entrepreneurs will soon innovate politics, education, government, healthcare, the legal system and other slow to change industries. As business models get easy to explore and test new ones, companies fight for survival through innovating how they deliver their service. We now see it disrupting automobiles with car sharing services like Zipcar and electric cars with Tesla. Home ownership gets disrupted with rentals from AirBNB and vacation rentals services like HomeAway. With new lean, iterative and agile methods, Entrepreneurs are improving everything quickly, building on the smart ideas, taking the mundane and energizing it with gamification and taking the routine and making it fade away. Innovation is not invention, it is continually improving existing services often disrupting large companies unable to innovate on their business model.

Disruption is happening faster today because of the rapid nature of technology and ability to leverage massive platforms with billions of connects to transform opinion, taste, conversations and ability for a desirable product to reach the masses in a few days. Tipping points used to take years to build awareness through traditional channels and now days can spark a firestorm of buzz and word of mouth that transform the conversation around a business, app, product or offering. Leadership today leverages social media to transform the conversation to their favor. Companies are born overnight transforming entire industries and in less than 15 years, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook have transformed our everyday lives with a tremendous amount of innovation, managing our buying, entertainment, activities, conversations, searches and network of friends. Soon we will wear their technology and allow to access our most inner thoughts as it disects our routines, habits and daily lives to sell us more of the same. Change is more than constant, it is accelerating with the ease to communicate through 100's of channels.

Entrepreneurs will save the world by innovating everything around us, largely because of the lower barriers to entry from production, supply chain, logistics and marketing. Executing on customer needs and filling in the connected world are easier to segment and explore. Simplifying the complex and cumbersome to the useful becomes the Entrepreneurs focus on the future. From Elon Musk and Richard Branson pushes space travel with SpaceX and Virgin Galactic respectively. Ruzwana Bashir allows us to experience new adventures through her app Peek, Nest pushes home automation, LoseIt manages exercize and nutrition, EventMob organizes friends into events and Medium curates content from want-to-be writers (like myself). Facebook organized old friends, Twitter manages connections to mentors and people you aspire to be and LinkedIn connects you to your current working world. Google continues to acquire and build innovation with a goal of organizing information to be accessibly on the go. Mobile becomes a lifestyle, not a device. Simply, all these companies are executing on their customers to drive changes of habits. These companies have improved their time to market through fierce execution and ability to get things done. The web allows companies to simplify marketing/sales/service into one funnel that continues to execute against a defined business model, testing, iterating and progressing their vision and missions one release at a time.

As companies learn from their mistakes faster and faster. The outcomes they seek will be repeatable, predictable, scalable and sustainable. Product development seeks to create repeatable processes and technology that create consistent results. Predictable outcomes often come from marketing/sales/service being integrated into one funnel that every leverage point is understood the need to invest, share content and continually improve the process. Scalable outcomes seek to create exponential hockey sticks that drive value with adoption. While, sustainable outcomes solidifies companies with succession planning, continual development, business acquisition models and change management models that contiually open. Once you get here, start over innovating again or you will soon fail without launching new disruption. The market never stoped moving while you read this article. To catch up, start thinking about innovation again.

Author of Exponential Theory. Learn more at (www.aaronbare.com).

Author of Exponential Theory. Learn more at (www.aaronbare.com).