Seven Universal Principles to Succeed at Anything You Do and Be Happy

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“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” — Lao Tzu

In my book, I describe how we can all become in control of our own destiny. Through fifteen years of research I have gathered a collection of mental models, stories, and case studies to harness the power of thinking big. Follow me to learn more and make your future happen as you see it.

Much of our life is on autopilot by the way we feel about ourselves, our identity, and our belonging. We need to learn to better talk to ourselves. By the age of five, 90% of our neural pathways have been formed, leading to beliefs about how we deal with the world around us. (i) Understanding why our ancestry affects our decision-making process even today through subconscious bias will help us understand the power of thinking big and the need to become more conscious.

As I reflected while writing this book over the last 15 years, I began working on positive thoughts and stepping into an abundant and exponential future. I felt like I was discovering it and creating it at the same time. This book is a journey through stories I have collected on my life path woven into a process that will help others find their purpose by exploring their vision, values, beliefs, obstacles, and continuously iterating. As the idea of Exponential Theory emerged, I realized that I had conflict with the people in my life who didn’t think big. I realized how thinking big did not leave time to worry about the small stuff. Conversely, I recognized that people who put time into understanding the big picture were much more conscious and made bigger impacts on the projects they worked on. With this simple epiphany, Exponential Theory was born. It was clear, I wanted to help others find their purpose and impact the world in a bigger way.

My book is chock-full of ideas that further explain Exponential Theory and can be applied to companies, industries, technology, people, relationships, negotiations, processes, and strategies. For the first time in my life, I am complete, whole, and happy to be exactly where I am. My clear vision is to share the power of thinking big with people who want to spend time on solving problems for the greater good. Beyond welcoming you to the future, I hope you take this journey to create a better world. My goal is to raise consciousness through thinking bigger, to create world peace, one mind at a time. I hope you can leave insignificant thoughts behind and focus on making a bigger impact. It all starts with a thought. It all starts right here.

Through my innovation journey to nearly every corner of Earth, I learned these seven universal truths.

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helped me understand the world, reinvent myself, my potential, and expand my own self-limiting box. This process was a great reset for me, and I know we can create a great reset for you.

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