The New Toothbrush

Aaron Bare
8 min readApr 15, 2022

The internet is much simpler than we think.

Most people use the internet to do one of the following: search, browse, check email, and/or use social media (including posting photos or watching videos). Apps used for accessing and sharing information across the internet have been dubbed “killer apps,” because of the massive disruption each one has caused.

For any app, being an industry leader is tremendously power- ful. Google leads in four of five major areas.

Chrome is the #1 browser (82)

Gmail is the #1 email provider

YouTube (owned by Google) is the #1 video streaming service (83)

YouTube is the #2 most visited website (behind Google) (84)

The only company that beats Google in any category is Facebook, which leads in social media. Google+ (Google’s answer to Facebook) failed miserably to find relevancy with users. Google executives even attempted to buy Facebook early on. If successful, Google might own the entire internet experience today. The company’s dominance is incredible for a company that is just old enough to drink. Google has found a way into every part of our digital lives, but it was not always so dominant.

Originally, Yahoo ruled the web experience. At its peak in 2000, Yahoo was worth roughly $125 billion. (85) It was…



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