What is Exponential Theory?

Aaron Bare
3 min readOct 13, 2021

As things move fast, we need to make decision at light speeed and they need to be the right decisions.

Exponential Theory states that when leaders focus on solving big problems, they become more conscious. Exponential Theory: The Power of Thinking Big examines a variety of companies that are seeking to solve big problems and have become more conscious than other companies focused on just profit. In return, these companies have grown beyond comprehension. Their leaders have their eyes on impacting a billion people and understand the importance of their role in the planet, in assisting in human rights, and in living up to a massive purpose that solves an equally big problem.

Many of these companies serve two-and three-sided businesses models, leveraging platforms benefiting many different stakeholders. The platforms accelerate growth beyond models with fixed assets or companies that serve only one customer. As companies begin to think systemically, their decision criteria change quickly. The democratization of industries has invited the masses to the party and given a voice to the previously silenced. Exponential theory forces companies that want to serve the masses to become more conscious or die.

When people work on projects that focus on impacting a billion people, they are forced to think about the system rather than just satisfying one group of customers. At this level, entrepreneurs and innovators are starting to focus on universal problems and change the way the system works. Therefore, these future Goliaths are starting to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. The pressure to do so may be that today leaders and companies are under the microscope.

Thinking big, starts with our planet, then with every human, animal, and living thing in the world. The survivability, sustainability and thrivability relies on future leaders to step up to the challenge. This book will share stories of how individuals and small groups of people that are thinking big are creating most of the change we see in the world. Currently our world is a giant system out of harmony, and we can do better. Ignoring the problems of others outside of our circle is no longer possible. Growing our circle of concern will start to help us solve bigger problems.

Whether we know it or not, the planet, oceans, land, fresh water, humans, animals, biodiversity, and the entire ecosystem needs to be a stakeholder in our decisions. If we are ignorant to doing the right thing for each of these stakeholders, it will have repercussions for us sharing the same ecosystem. For far too long, we have made decisions for the short-term and decisions to benefit just a few. Our future responsibility is protecting all these elements. Thinking small does not serve us well.

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